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Nicosia, Cyprus

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My art is a form of expression and an extension of my personality

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My art is a form of expression and an extension of my personality


My art is a form of expression and an extension of my personality. I started dabbling in art from a very young age. I have always had a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand. My creative mind never stops; I’m continuously informed about the new trends in contemporary art and everything around me is an inspiration to my work. My designs are inspired by my imagination and the passion I derive from even from the smallest and insignificant things in life. I am an extremely visceral person and in many ways, I put myself wholeheartedly into each design. I never focus on specific art styles as I do not want to frame myself within a particular kind of technique and be more loyal to my own feelings. Different mediums always allow me to express different ideas. During the research, new areas of interest arise and lead to my next work. For the past 20 years, my work has almost always rooted in a personal mash-up of feelings and moments. Although there may not always be material similarities, they are linked by the richness of imagination and perfectionistic details. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each design my philosophy is consistent. Each work often consists of multiple sketches, in a range of different media and meanings and ‘Communication’ with my audience is mostly what I have in mind when I paint. I never have hidden messages and I love it when viewers express different emotional reactions and perceptions for each work.

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